What Our Clients Say About The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local Advertising

It Was and Still is The “Bible” for Local Advertisers

I’ve read all the books on advertising.  This one stands alone.  It was the first blockbuster book written on the subject and all that followed were nowhere near as powerful or applicable.  They still aren’t today.  This updated version includes an outstanding section on the Internet and Social Media former versions didn’t have. 

Roger Dennis, Business Owner, Omaha, NE

Best Business Book in 26 Years

Makes more sense than anything I’ve seen in 26 years in business from any source.


Probably the Best Book Ever Written on Local Advertising

If you had to choose only one book on advertising, take it from me, this one is it.
I think this book should be on the shelf and in the hands of every business owner who uses local media. There isn’t anything close to this information from anything I’ve read. It’s more than common sense, it’s crucial sense.

Marty Mehan, PA, Riverside CA

Great info!testimonials from readers of The 33 Ruthless Rules of Local advertising  

Everyone says get a website but I have found that it produces little results and this book finally told me why. Based on the information in this book I will redirect my advertising to better capitalize on my local market. Of the many advertising books I have read this one is by far the best.

WDH, Bakersfield, CA

Read This Book Before Your Competition Does

This book is almost too good to share. If you’re a business owner, you won’t want to talk about it at those Chamber of Commerce meetings – or anywhere else your competitors are hanging out!

D. Debruler

Readily Applicable

The great thing about this book is how directly the author gets to the point. It’s a small book, but loaded with punch. The rules are simply that, rules. There isn’t a lot of theory here. It’s all about things you can do to make your business’s marketing more effective. This is a fantastic resource that I’m sure I will refer to again and again.

John Forman

Clear & Concise

A clear, concise summary of local advertising philosophy. My copy usually sits right next to my copy of “Elements of Style.” I’ve purchased this book twice already…and lent them both out to clients, who’ve each asked to keep it. My third copy will not leave my desk.

A Satisfied Customer

If You Read One Advertising Book, Read This One

I have a business degree from Texas A&M, have taken multiple college level marketing classes, and read more than a few dozen books on marketing. If any small business owner asks me for the book they should read first, this will be my recommendation to them. Highly Recommended.

Bradley Bevers

Read This & Live By It

This book is easy to read and you can put it to use with the first chapter. Everyone who has any experience buying or selling media should read this and live by it.

A Customer

The Best Book Ever Written for Small Business Owners

I have been in advertising for over 30 years and I can tell you that this is the best book I have ever read on the subject, and believe me, I’ve read them all. Especially powerful are what the authors call the “Real Issues,” such as how to develop a specific growth objective and a system for holding your advertising expenditures absolutely accountable. My advice, read the book, follow the rules and watch your sales grow.

Don Jardine-Toledo, Ohio

Teaches You How to Spend Effectively

If I would have had this book years ago, I could have saved thousands of dollars in wasted advertising. This book teaches you how to spend you dollars effectively to grow your business.

Ginger Nimmons Parcher

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A clear, concise summary of local advertising philosophy. My copy usually sits right next to my copy of "Elements of Style." I've purchased this book twice already...and lent them both out to clients, who've each asked to keep it. My third copy will not leave my desk.
A Satisfied Customer

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